I am shocked, speechless and angry after meeting Norwegian’s baggage handler at Arlanda airport. I travel extensively, often with much equipment due to my job, – I work as a journalist. We had issues several times with damaged baggage with different carriers but all of them were resolved professionally and quickly. The way I was treated by Norwegian is truly unbelievable.

Long story short: as per instructions from Norwegian’s customer support I have travelled all the way back to the airport to register damage done to my luggage during the flight with Norwegian on the 27th of March (which arrived with a 30-minutes delay beside). Travelling from Berlin to Stockholm I have checked in a bag saying that it had a bottle of beer inside. The Norwegian’s representative at the check-in controlled that
it was properly packed (it was) and put a tag ”Handle with care” on my bag (seen on pictures). In spite of all these precautions my bag was thrown so badly that it was crushed. Of course the bottle inside was smashed too – no package in the world would have helped it to survive the strike which crushed the plastic bag. Glass splitter and beer spoilt several items of clothing.

At first Norwegian’s representative at Arlanda blankly refused to file any damage report at all saying that ”it is prohibited to transport any liquids in the baggage”. The argument that Norwegian’s representative in Berlin accepted it at the check-in did
not bite on him. The damage to the bag (which was crushed and impossible to use) was ”too minor” according to him. After minutes of discussion he finally agreed to write a report. The report stated that I didn’t have any damage to the content of the bag which is totally untrue since several items of brand clothing (Armani etc) were spoilt beyond repair. When I pointed out this his reaction was:” This is just the beer. You can surely wash it off.” When I tried to explain that the glass splitter and shards make
it impossible to wash or use the items he just tried to grab the report he just wrote and shouted: ”You get this or nothing! I have no explanation for you!”

After I have started filming him and his behaviour the person calmed down considerably – probably out of fear that his unprofessional and outright rude behaviour might be made public. After 3 attempts (!) where he was leaving out considerable details the person finally managed to make a report which was  somehow correct.

The person informed me that all the damage will be on my own insurance – which I do not have for this kind of damages. After I have contacted Norwegian’s customer service per e-mail I received a copy-paste answer that it is aparrently not enough to drive to the airport and back as I did to document the damages. Now I was supposed to find ”a properly licenced shoe repair shop to assess the damages to the bag and receive an official document about it.” There was even a recommendation to clean my clothes at ”a laundry” and send them the receipt. No notion about the fact that no laundry will take in the clothing full of glass splitter.

I believe that readers of Business Class should be aware of Norwegian’s way to handle claims about the damage they have caused.