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The Best Dining in Business Class

Diskussion i 'News comments' startad av BusinessClass, 7 April 2017.

  1. BusinessClass

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    SAS Business Class meal service

    After our recent look at what the world’s best airlines are serving up for their First Class passengers and what they offer them in terms of wine, we take a tour of in-flight banqueting in Business Class. Some major airlines are actively reducing the amount of space at the front end of the aircraft dedicated…

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  2. Travlermb

    Travlermb Ny medlem

    Wow. British Airways Club World would NOT make on my best list.
  3. Voyageur

    Voyageur Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    Yeah, I think I'd switch SAS and British Airways anyday for on the list missing, JAL, ANA, SWISS, TURKISH and list goes on...
  4. Claswulff

    Claswulff Ny medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    What a terrible article Businessclass!!! You only describe what is served not if it is good or bad.??? And indeed i agree with some of the other comments - how can you possibly have British Airways on this list??? Either the journalist has not travelled much or he is a great fan of green curry (a British Airways favorite) or grey over cooked filet.
    Helge Haugen gillar detta.

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