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The 3 Best Frequent Flyer Programs In Europe

Diskussion i 'News comments' startad av BusinessClass, 19 Februari 2018.

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    Frequent flyer programs are offered by a number of airlines as a way to nurture loyalty among customers. They aren’t all the same, however. Determined by how many miles you travel or how much you spend with an airline, these programs allow you to earn points or miles that can be exchanged in return for…

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  2. hankjay

    hankjay Ny medlem

    As remarked British Airways has outrageous fees when booking reward seats, which in my world puts them on a lot lower ranking. I prefer AAdvantage, where British Airways is also a member. However one is still charged a very high fee when a reward flight is using a British Airways issued leg.
  3. agehall

    agehall Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    You have to differentiate between the FFP and the airline. BAEC is not a bad choice if you are UK-based, however British Airways is for almost everyone these days.
  4. varva77

    varva77 Medlem

    Vilken fruktansvärt menlös artikel! Eller vad det nu skall föreställa...? Totalt menlös, intetsägande ”information” och ”motiveringar”...
    Jakob Österberg gillar detta.
  5. mha321

    mha321 Medlem

    The comparison is about European programmes so it makes sense mot to include AAdvantage in it.

    That said it more seems to be "the three biggest ffps", as the comparison seems to have nothing at all to do with which ones are actually best.

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