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Diskussion i 'Resmål & visum' startad av guitarsingapore, 12 Juli 2015.

  1. Dear friend

    As you know, I am from Singapore and I love to make videos. I also make videos of my own country! In this thread, I hope you will allow me, to share some of the videos I make about my country. Not just from a tourist perspective, but show you the interesting things I do and see.

    Please feel free to ask me any questions about Singapore and I will try to help!
    adhoc76, Sofia, Singapore och 1 annan gillar detta.
  2. For a start, here are some videos to show you that Singapore has a greener side too. Many people think Singapore is very built up and like a concrete jungle. That is true, we have many skyscrapers. But there are still green places.

    This is from my car camera, driving along a road.

    We do not have much natural beauty, so we have turned some of our canals into waterways!
    SNIFF och Agö gillar detta.
  3. Here are some views to show you just how built up we are.

    This is from the 55th storey of a building in Orchard Road.

    This is from a building in the Raffles City area, from 30 something floor.

    This is from an apartment, about 40th floor.
    m10, HKG Flyer och Agö gillar detta.
  4. Our founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, passed away earlier this year in March.

    I made this video as we waited to pay our last respects.
  5. Now, some food pictures perhaps.

    Here is what my family had for lunch on a recent weekend, bought from a nearby food center.

    This is Ya Kun Kaya Toast and coffee. A chain store in Singapore.
  6. And some noodles I had for breakfast, at a local coffeeshop.

  7. SvartMjolk

    SvartMjolk Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    This food looks delicious. I love eating at Hawker centers when I'm in Singapore. Where in the city can I find this particular place?
    Looks delicious, I will try this next time I'm visiting.
  8. The place is called Pei Hwa Food Center, Upper Bukit Timah Road. Unfortunately, it is out of the city and not so easily accessible at the moment. However, there is a new MRT line that would be ready soon and the new station should be called Beauty World MRT station. This food center is located just beside the upcoming MRT station. This new line should open by end of this year, i.e. Dec 2015.

    Beauty World MRT Station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  9. Here is another food video. This time, it is a restaurant called Peach Garden at Hotel Miramar. They do pretty good ala carte buffets, very crowded too. This video shows you what we ate.

  10. Kway Chap, teochew cuisine, broad white rice sheets at Holland Drive Market.


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