SAS Winter Bonus Challange 2 pers + infant - Stockholm-Bodö

Diskussion i 'Reserapporter' startad av DanielKif, 12 Februari 2016.

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    Då är det dags för min första reserapport.
    Den är skriven på engelska på min flickväns reseblogg(som för övrigt är på portugisiska) så jag kopierar in en del här och den kompletta finns på följande länk:
    Weekendtrip to Bodö Norway, Part 2 – Travel day | Viajar pela Europa
    (Jag har för övrigt kollat med en moderator om det är ok att göra så här)

    We went for a weekend trip to Bodö in Norway to get extra Eurobonus point inSAS Eurobonus winter challenge and we also wanted to try as many lounges(we tried 5 different) we could so here is the review about them. I booked a SAS Plus ticket where Fast track, Priority boarding, SAS lounges and snacks are included on the airplane. You also get more points for the tickets than the cheaper tickets. Fast track means that you have a special line to the security control. It was no queue when we went through the security controls so this had no value for us this time. Priority boarding means that you can go on the airplane first and don’t need to wait in line. I really like to get in and sit on my seat before everyone gets in and it gets chaotic.


    So my recommendation is that if you have time to get in the lounge, want some snacks on the airplane and the price difference is not so big then go for the SAS Plus tickets!

    Friday is Travel day! So this is how the day was planned and what was really happening!

    We took a taxi at 06:00 from home to Stockholm Arlanda airport (ARN). It takes 40-45 minutes from Stockholm to the airport Arlanda.

    We arrived at the airport in time and walked directly to the security control so we could go to the lounge that is located in Terminal 5. We skipped the breakfast at home to eat here instead. Good idea, right? We had more than an hour to relax in the lounge. The lounge was nice decorated with a clean design. There were a lot of tables and not many people. Good to relax before take a few flights.

    When we came here it was just 5-6 people there, but more people came after a while but it was never crowded.

    SAS Lounge Terminal 5

    Lounge 1 – SAS Lounge Arlanda Terminal 5

    Nicole had a playroom to play in. She really liked it and we too. You know how it is to travel with a 1 and a half year old. So it was perfect!

    Nicole playing in the SAS Lounge on Arlanda

    We took a sandwich and some eggs for breakfast. For drinks we took smoothies, coffee and after a while I took a beer and Gi took a glass of wine. The food and drinks is always included in the lounge. Nice to sit and take a beer but the food was not so good here and didn’t have so many options. I rate the lounge a 3 of 5.

    Breakfast in SAS Lounge Terminal 5

    They have good options of juices and smoothies. Nicole had tomato juice and she really liked it!


    It was nice to sit in the lounge and relax before going to the gate. A few minutes before 09.00 it was time to go to the gate. The flight to Oslo was planned to go at 09:20.

    I had reserved the first row on the plane, because I like the extra leg space. Its also easier for Nicole to walk around in front of us. We where happy to start the trip now!

    Resten finns på bloggen som sagt :)
    Weekendtrip to Bodö Norway, Part 2 – Travel day | Viajar pela Europa

    mjulven, David, Smuffe och 5 andra gillar detta.

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