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Here are the world's 10 best airlines

Diskussion i 'News comments' startad av BusinessClass, 20 Oktober 2016.

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    Each year, travel and lifestyle magazine Conde Nest Traveler prints a list of the world's best airports, airlines, hotels, cities, cruise ships, holiday islands and many other categories. For the 29th year, readers of the magazine have been surveyed for ‘The Reader’s Choice Awards’. This year, over 300,000 people took part, but remember that most…

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  2. Claswulff

    Claswulff Ny medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    Virgin Atlantic is European
  3. JohanA

    JohanA Medlem

    Swiss ligger på top 20 också.

    Virgin är iaf 51% europeiskt... Delta äger 49%.
  4. Helge Haugen

    Helge Haugen Medlem

    Norge Norge
    Singapore, ingen over, ingen ved siden.
    Son Nguyen gillar detta.
  5. Helge Haugen gillar detta.
  6. Son Nguyen

    Son Nguyen Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    Håller med, alltid bra service.
    Helge Haugen gillar detta.

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