Business class report Aeroflot Hanoi-Moscow-Vienna return - and VN domestic

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  1. pep

    pep Medlem

    Aeroflot business class March 2013

    HAN-SVO-VIE and return. 3 of 4 flights on time, only the last flight was delayed (1 hour) due to snowstorm in Moscow which necessitated de-icing and tedious take-off permissions, forcing the aircraft to wait 40 Minutes.

    Separate check-in for business class disturbed by allowing economy class pax using the bz-class check-in counter. However, correct check in, though a bit stressfull as the airport. Particularly the flight to Moscow was overbooked and roughly 20 of 34 seats in business were economy pax being upgraded to business in last Minutes. This reduced the quality perception of the flight a bit, but gave opportunity to make new, Russian friends. The FA managed to accommodate all the additional pax.and provide them equal or almost equal service.

    Good value for money if you buy discounted bz-class. I paid 2300 USD for the Z class ticket, which is 400 less than Korean Air, which was a tempting alternative. Other alternatives 1000-2000 usd more expensive. The price of SU is only slightly higher if going straight to Vienna (through BKK) with Austrian in economy.

    Access to lounges in HAN, SVO, and VIE went smoothly. Invitation cards issues at check in Hanoi and Vienna. In SVO at transfer desk. In SVO you are semi-free to choose which of 4-5 Aeroflot lounges you want access to. I chose Galaktica (=Galaxy) and Classic and Blues. Others, like Sirius and Jazz must wait for another time (Sirius is a special lounge at terminal E only for disabled – it is almost a requirement!). Lounge hopping not always possible, even by use of SKY-gold card. Lounges prefer you go to lounge at departing gate, but depends on staff.

    FA staff polite at a first glance, a bit too firm, and not truly kind. Seats are good and as announced on Aeroflots homepages. The lie-flat seat on A330-300 is a bit angled, but sleep-able. 34 seats in 2-2-2. Pitch inches 66 = 153 cm. Distance from fully lie flat: 14° Seat length: 195 cm - that’s gross! Seat width 68 cm The stretch SVO-VIE and back was flown by Airbus A320 and A321, respectively. Very pleasant seats in 2-2 configuration and full bz service.

    Food present in good quantities and good, though not sophisticated. Servings of main dish on very ordinary “dog-plates” a bit disappointing. Food is good, a bit tasteless, 3 options. Refills or modifications are made possible.The many kind of dishes (5-8!) offered made up for this, however. Drinks are good. Champagne/juice offered 2-3 times at take-off. Disappointment is, that after departure and until you get any drink they go and take orders which complicate things and the serving of the first drinks happens only 1.5-2 hours after departure. This is a fault. Then, only four brands of wines are offered - all tolerable, not more than that. Only one kind of beer is supplied. Russian drinks and cocktails offered, not the Western classics like Gin and Tonic, Screwdriver, Sex on The Beach etc. Juices ordinary, except for cranberry juice which is rare to meet elsewhere. Normally no drink wagon, everything is brought by hand to individuals. FA-English skills very poor. Staff were mostly 40++ of age and tend to be heavy physically and also a bit in attitude. Attempts to be kind all the time are not always persuasive. Entertainment acceptable, but earphones are collected an hour prior to landing (other airlines let you keep them until touchdown. Altogether, a solid, a bit rough and robust service, No major faults, apart for a very slow 1st drink service on board (after take-off). A good alternative to SE-Asian airlines.

    Pictures seen on Hue-Hanoi-Moscow-Vienna and return

    The13 first pix and last 2 are from VN Airlines (Hue-Hanoi-Hue) A 320 Bz-class

    Vietnam Domestic

    HAN-HUI, HUI-HAN all on Airbus 320. Nice 2 x 2 seat configuration and comfortable large “business-class seats” with good decline. Food hardly edible (3 microscopic cold sandwiches on a saucer), but served with manners and speed. Options for drinks include local and foreign beers but no wines. The customer is respected and I was served drinks from pre-departure until the wheels touched the ground (1 hour trips). Call button answered within 3-7 seconds (yes!) every time! Horrible English spoken but FAs are very polite. Lounges are acceptable, but far best in Hanoi. Can not check in earlier than 2 hours before departure from other airports than SGN and HAN. So de facto limited lounge use. Food options in lounges are plenty but not tasty, too industrialized as compared to what one can get just outside the airport. Plenty of cold drinks. Dalat red and white wines are now served in very limited quantities (trial basis?) in HAN . Coffee not good. Nice saloon for smokers who get the best view of the airport (Hanoi). Saw a rat once in the lounge in Hanoi, which is not bad for VN standards. Check in at priority desks and luggage first out. Miles credited instantly.
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  2. agehall

    agehall Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    Bra rapport Pep! Och mycket bra att du skriver den här istället för på S**trax.
  3. pep

    pep Medlem

    Bad news for me and our Skyteam earnings: since 1 February 2013 discounted business class, Z-class, by Aeroflot does not earn any points in ANY frequent flyer program. To add to the pain, I could not clearly disclose booking class when I was purchasing. It was only disclosed indirectly through the fare code by starting with a Z.... :-(
  4. Ja, tyvärr är det så. :(
    Jag skrev om detta i början av mars i en av de Aeroflot deals.
  5. pep

    pep Medlem

    Tak, dette havde jeg overset. Jeg checkede meget grundigt med AF og Flying Blue efterfølgende. De oplyste med et generisk svar "at ikke alle klasser optjener points"...
    Jeg finder det dårligt oplyst idet AF/FB lister alle de klasser som giver og dem som IKKE giver point. Men de lister IKKE Z-klasse overhovedet. Den syntes "glemt". Men jeg har nu kryds-checket SU og Koreans bonusprogrammer. Og her står det klart, at Z ikke giver point (mere). Det er utroligt at en billet til flere tusind dollars ikke giver points. Hvor ender vi ikke med alle disse devalueringer af vores elskede FFPs....
  6. rvarttinen

    rvarttinen Moderator

    Sverige Sverige
    Intressant - och tyvärr lite trist, flög nyligen med AF i Z och fick då 125%.

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