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Diskussion i 'Flygbiljetter' startad av Canadien, 28 Februari 2018.

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    Fick nyss mail om denna tjänst. $179 - $279 beroende på resans komplexitet.

    Award Booking Service Using Your Points & Miles | Award Magic

    Verkar vara som en variant av ChatFlights.

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    Award Magic is here to put the hassles of loyalty points behind you. The days of calling up the airlines, listening to "hold music" and dealing with airline (and credit card) representatives that barely understand you are a thing of the past. The future of points and miles redemptions is finally here! No phone calls, no wasted time, no frustration and no guessing games. At Award Magic, we'll use your miles and ensure you get the best possible value out of them. From finding the best routes, to searching for award space; from calling the airlines on your behalf to booking the award seats themselves; we take care of it all. "Nuts and bolts" as they say - we can assist in anything and everything when it comes to redeeming your miles and will do everything in our power to ensure that you are maximizing the value of each and every one of your loyalty points.

    Our co-founders Ari Charlestein and Tahsir Ahsan (aka the Bengali Miles Guru) are among the most talented and experienced miles and points experts in the industry. Together with a team of highly trained award bookers from across the country, Award Magic's goal is to provide a seamless and pain-free way for you to best use your miles. No headaches, no wasted time. With this uniquely simple process, easy to use website, and our hyper-intuitive submission form, you are now ready to prepare -worry free - for your next vacation!
    Jakob Österberg, El0 och palmen gillar detta.
  2. Jakob Österberg

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    Är det verkligen Expertflyer som ligger bakom tjänsten? Jag fick känslan av att Expertflyer bara distribuerar reklamutskick åt Awardmagic

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