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American Airlines Business Class, John F.Kennedy, New York - Los Angeles International

Diskussion i 'News comments' startad av Holmion, 22 Januari 2016.

  1. Holmion

    Holmion Administrator

    Norge Norge


    A great flight. I walked away impressed by the product and service that American offers on this route. The business class product was outstanding for the day flight, allowing me to relax, watch a movie, and arrive at LAX refreshed for my connecting flight.

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  2. Biggles

    Biggles Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    Yeah, I did experience this two year ago when the first 321T (t for transcontinental) was about three weeks old. I did also like it very much and the aircraft is top modern and very quit. Not to say how quiet it is with the Bose noise reduction headphones. Arriving to LAX on a 6 hours night flight from Honolulu in a 35 years old 757 and sitting in (so called) First with a chair with no comfort at all. That is American today the give you the worst and also almost the best. American do now also have some brand new 321S (Shorthaul) for shorter domestic flights and its also nice but of course you don't get a bed. You are also right to remind about windows seats where you have to climb over the fellow passenger to visit the Gents.
    I am much more positive to the food on the 321T than you are but perhaps they changed that. Flying overseas with like LAX to LHR I prefer American Airlines B777-300ER compared to British Airways 780 or 747 due to the configuration of the seats (always access to the aisle) and better space compared to British Airways World Club seats.

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