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User review: New Business Class cabin SAS, Stockholm - Hong Kong

Diskussion i 'News comments' startad av Holmion, 11 Mars 2016.

  1. Holmion

    Holmion Administrator

    Norge Norge


    Written by: ARNBER This is my first travel report of my first trip in business class from Stockholm to Hong Kong in SAS newly refurbished cabin. I hope you´ll enjoy it. I was very excited to take this trip as I had just turned 30 a few days before the trip and this was sort…

    Inlägget existerar inte längre.

    ARNBER gillar detta.
  2. philhip

    philhip Ny medlem

    Hi, thanks for your review! very nice with all the pictures and the SAS nails :) Note that the formating is broken on Firefox and IE after "Up next… Dinner service" hiding characters on the left making it difficult to read. There are also a lot of spelling mistakes you can find out I am sure. I am not a native speaker either but these are pretty obvious (on instead of one, has instead of have etc...). Hope you get more "free" upgreades in the future !

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