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Review: British Airways Club World Singapore - Sydney

Diskussion i 'News comments' startad av Holmion, 24 Februari 2016.

  1. Holmion

    Holmion Administrator

    Norge Norge


    An ok flight. I thought the crew was very friendly and did a good job of looking after the cabin, while at the same time getting everyone ready for some sleep on an overnight flight like this. Flying Club World is a solid choice if you want a level of comfort and space (and not…

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  2. robybirobiro

    robybirobiro Ny medlem

    Business class with British Airways? never again. The worst I have ever taken. Small, very small business seats. No place to put anything. Only a small drawer where you can put or shoes or a book. When I slept no place where to put my eyeglasses, I had to put them on the floor. 4 seets on a row....like chickens in a coop, worst than in economy. Last but not least. The very Dangerous way to put the seats I can not image if you need to exit for an Emergency. NEVER AGAIN PLEASE TAKE AN OTHER COMPANY. If you choose to pay more you want to stay better. The drinks and food can not be the only reason
  3. JohanA

    JohanA Medlem

    Worst than economy??? Haha wake up!
    agehall, Kricka och nissefalk gillar detta.
  4. What other airline seats do you compare to?
  5. Dreamliner787

    Dreamliner787 Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    The 777-300ER don´t have Rolls Royce engines. It only has the GE-90
  6. robybirobiro

    robybirobiro Ny medlem

  7. agehall

    agehall Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    British Airways has had evacuations (on several occasions) and the seating arrangement has not proven to be a problem. So if you are interested in safety, you might want to rethink your choices of airlines. Korean is not an airline I would consider best in class when it comes to safety and this has been shown over and over again. See Airline Safety Ranking 2016 » JACDEC for a comprehensive and up-to-date ranking of airlines in terms of safety.

    I can agree that the British Airways Club World seat is not the best in the class, but it's far from the worst and given the price I usually manage to buy it at, I consider Club World decent value for money. One does have to consider body shape though. I'm fairly tall and not that round which allows me to fit very well into the Club World seats. A different body shape and it is a different story.

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