Qatar Airways Airbus A350-XWB in Economy - Solid Product

Diskussion i 'Reserapporter' startad av guitarsingapore, 20 Juni 2015.

  1. Let's celebrate the new Airbus A350 product from Qatar, which I think is definitely worth a good mention.

    This is the picture of the cockpit (from the aerobridge) of the Airbus A350, after landing at Changi.

    Here is my flight review video of the A350 experience.

    Qatar Airways A350 Flight on the new Airbus A350 from Doha to Singapore. It was a 0700hrs departure from Doha and landed in Singapore at 1950 hrs local time.

    We were travelling from London to Singapore, with a 45 minute layover in Doha. We had a 45 minute layover in Doha. The transfer was rather rushed, but still do-able. Qatar Airways 002 landed in Doha on time, but we did not have an aero-bridge. We had to take a bus to the terminal, similar to earlier experience.

    At Doha, we had to re-do security screening, which fortunately was very fast and hassle free. There were many transfer passengers, however, I noticed that they cleared us very quickly as compared to say LHR. Some kind of huge yellow ultra big toy in the middle of the hall? Didn't have time to take a look. This picture was taken while walking!

    We boarded the aircraft rather late, i.e. almost all the other passengers had boarded. From the transfer security area, it was a rather long walk to the gate for the Airbus A350 flight to Singapore. I recall it was at Gate B8. See the time stamp on the Gate - 0647hrs! Yes, we got there just in the nick of time.

    The plane was new. This flight was rather empty so I had an empty seat beside me. Seat space was decent and the IFE system was modern with a nifty touchscreen.I found this video clip on the touchscreen IFE. Exciting!

    Onboard the aircraft now. Here is the safety card, Airbus A350-900. I found the safety card to be unexpectedly worn and used, I wonder why. I had thought the A350 was a very new aircraft?

    I was seated near the front of the aircraft. It was a day flight and I think most pax were not sleepy, unlike us.

    This is how the IFE system looked like. Very modern, and even better than the system on the Boeing 787.

    Service on board was good. Overall, Qatar offers a top notch product. Pity, however, the seat space on the Boeing 787 is terrible - that is for another video review.

    For the food, we had two meals. First meal of breakfast was served shortly after takeoff. We had three choices of the hot meal. I had the Asian inspired Thai-style with fried rice. As this was breakfast, it felt too early for alcohol, but I think I had some.

    After breakfast, I had a decent sleep, about 4 hours. Woke up about 2 hours before landing. The next meal served before landing was a light one. Sandwich plus cake and drinks. Still, it was a definitely a good snack. Taste was good, presentation was good.

    Landing in SIN was on time.

    The FAs were very pleasant and attentive throughout. I appreciate the extra attention they showered on my two kids.

    In this video, I also remember the recent earthquake tragedy in Mt Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Several young primary school children and teachers lost their lives, due to falling boulders. Rest in peace.
    Gus, Sofia, Glenn E och 3 andra gillar detta.
  2. I loved the IFE so much I even wrote a poem.

    Qatar Airways A350 IFE - A Clear Winner Here!

    Qatar, Qatar, your IFE is nifty
    Comes with the big screen, even Economy
    Much fun to fiddle, touchscreen is groovy
    Congrats to Qatar - your A-Three-Fifty

    Qatar, Qatar, your IFE is clear
    The screen so sharp, nothing comes near
    Many features, movies in full gear
    Congrats to Qatar, clear winner here!

    Qatar, Qatar, your IFE is clear
    The camera on the tail, also in the rear
    See so many cities, and drink my Heineken beer
    Congrats to Qatar, a clear winner here!

    Qatar, Qatar, your IFE is nifty
    Great joy to fiddle, my fingers move quickly
    Screen responds surely, brightly and swiftly
    Congrats to Qatar - your A-Three-Fifty
    El0, Gus, Sofia och 7 andra gillar detta.
  3. pep

    pep Medlem

    Tak for digt og for det foerste review! Glimrende! I am dying to try this...
    PS. Da jeg rejste economy sidste uge DOH-CPH var der staalbestik (ikke plastik!) paa economy
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