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    British Airways did well in a tough environment to make an operating profit of £484m in the third quarter of the year.
    Passenger unit revenue at constant currency increased slightly in the quarter and the airline’s cost discipline saw non-fuel unit costs improve and it benefitted from lower fuel prices. Operationally the airline missed its ready to go target and customer advocacy scores were down. Addressing this must be the focus in the final months of the year.


    British Airways delivered an improved performance in the third quarter and first nine months of the year.

    Executive Chairman Keith Williams said: “Our strong brand continues to attract more customers, which adds to the complexity of our constrained operating environment, meaning it’s more important than ever that we focus on improved punctuality and service.”

    The airline missed both its customer and punctuality targets and this must be a focus in the final months of the year.

    Keith added: “We must make every moment count for our customers and this is the responsibility of everyone in the airline. I’d encourage you to pick up the Our Plan flyer which explains how we can all make a difference.”

    In the first nine months of the year, the airline made an operating profit of £753m and remained focused on cost control.

    Keith said: “This is a new record for British Airways, but has to be viewed in context. We need to earn more, because we are spending more than ever – an average of £1.5bn a year on new aircraft and other investments. We are still not at a level where we can sustainably afford those investments.”

    In order to become more profitable, the airline needs to change. There are many parts of the business that are still uncompetitive. This is not sustainable in the long term and work is underway in all areas.

    The way the airline works with its parent company, IAG, is also changing. Essentially, this means IAG delivering some of the central services that can be shared within the group, such as parts of IT, procurement and finance.

    Keith explained: “There is a lot of change happening, but ultimately it will make British Airways a more sustainable company for the long term. That’s good news for our customers and shareholders, our colleagues and our pensions.”

    “Making our future bright starts with a strong final quarter – so let’s stay disciplined with our costs and deliver our promise to every customer, every time they fly.”

    British Airways third quarter headlines

    Operating profit £484m (2013: £407m)

    Non-fuel unit costs down 1.9 per cent*

    Customer advocacy 32 per cent

    Ready-to-go 51 per cent

    IAG third quarter headlines

    IAG results

    Operating profit: €900m** (2013: €690m**)

    Revenue up 6.9 per cent*

    Fuel unit costs down: 7.5 per cent*

    Non-fuel unit costs down: 4.5 per cent*

    IAG announced a group operating profit of €900m before exceptional items for the third quarter.

    “This quarter we are reporting an operating profit before exceptional items of €900 million. At constant currency, revenue was up 6.9 per cent with non-fuel unit costs down 4.5 per cent and fuel unit costs down 7.5 per cent.

    “We continued to grow capacity efficiently and both our non-fuel and fuel unit cost performances were strong with the latter boosted by the introduction of new, more efficient aircraft into our fleet.

    “British Airways made an operating profit of €607 million, compared to €477 million last year, and grew capacity while retaining its focus on cost control. Iberia’s operating profit increased to €162 million from €74 million last year highlighting its strong cost discipline combined with the continued benefits of restructuring. Vueling continued to grow, developing new bases in Italy and Belgium, with an operating profit of €140 million compared to €139 million last year.

    “In the nine months, we made an operating profit of €1,130 million before exceptional items, up by €473 million from last year”.


    Ser bra ut jämfört med Lufty och AF/KL.
    Tänk om British Airways kunde börja invester i sina produkter igen...

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